Tekken 7 Coaching and Training To Improve Your Fundamentals

Struggle to rank, having a hard time keeping up?
Looking for the solution to understand the fundaments that have taken others years to master?
-Do you want to improve and grow faster? Then don't look any further I'll be your Tekken Coach.

My background consists of being a Tekken gamer competitive for over 15+ years and have generally been a fan of Tekken for 20 years!
I have experience with coaching since Tekken 5 days. I teach Beginners and High-level gamers. I'm told my teachings are helping others to improve quickly as I have coached local and people in Asia. I have played in Japan and Korea as well.

You will achieve the level you're looking for, either you want to enter the e-sports arena or just being an overall Tekken gamer in your local community or online.

This is what I will provide for you:

✔10 Steps to Sucess PDF + 60 min online coaching game session.
✔Improve your playstyle and tactics instantly
✔I'll create a positive and helping atmosphere
✔How to keep your mind in the right place while playing
✔Learn new skills
✔I play on PC and PS4 and Discord for chat

Now, let's take you to that next level!

Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Gamer Profile Link: https://www.twitch.tv/rising_uppercut
Needed Materials: Gamer ID, Timezone, Your Current Character, How long you played and you biggest struggles.
Available Over::
Live Text Chat
Voice Call
Video Call
Weekly Availability (Days and Times ) : All week mostly, preferable PM my local time. Don't hesitate to contact me about it for an appointment!
Expertise: Master or 20 years
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation has to be within max 3 hours from ordering. If so, let me why this wasn't for you afterall.