CSGO Competitive Matchmaking Coaching

Ever want to learn CSGO, but found the mechanics, nade throws, or recoil patterns too hard? I can teach you all the basics of the game, from any guns recoil patterns, nade throws, positioning, after-plant scenarios, rotating, anything. (I am DMG if you would like to know).

Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Gamer Profile Link: Mekelec #0670
Needed Materials: Discord (with a mic)
Available Over::
Live Text Chat
Voice Call
Video Call
Weekly Availability (Days and Times ) : depends on your schedule. Message me on discord to book a session.
Expertise: Accomplished or 10 years
Cancellation Policy: ask to cancel. Rescheduling is fine as well, just ask. Miss your session by 10 minutes, the hour is off, no refund.