Hearthstone basics and deckbuilding

Hey, have you been struggling with climbing the ladder of Hearthstone? Or are you a new player who just started playing and still haven't found the right deck or still can't win more than 5 games a day. Well, in that case I'm your guy and I would love to help you get better at Hearthstone and reach that coveted Legend rank. I will explain to you every little aspect of the game, every intricacy and will help you build your deck even if you don't have any cards. In addition I will help you learn how to play certain deck archetypes and will spectate you for a couple of games. I hope I meet you on the ladder one day :)

Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Gamer Profile Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikolay-nikolov-703312ba/
Needed Materials: You need a Hearthstone account, a text or video messenger app (I have discord, messenger, viber, or BattleNet, skype)
Available Over::
Live Text Chat
Voice Call
Video Call
Weekly Availability (Days and Times ) : Every day from 16 P.M. to 22 P.M. GMT+2
Expertise: Advanced or 5 years
Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel a lesson, please make sure you notify me at least 30 minutes in advance :)