League Of Legends Coaching


If you wanna improve your general play, in a cool way here I come. I'd like to offer you coaching with challenger midlane player, that is playing this game for 5 years now.

Live coaching will be performed as follows :

  • We will talk a little bit pre-game and check your op.gg
  • We'll get into the ranked game, and you are gonna screenshare the game via Discord (or live stream it if you chose to)
  • We wil talk about the game afterwards, point out your mistakes, I will answer your questions and say what you should focus on.

If the game was "20 min" stomp or ff and I feel like it was not enough to see you play, I will ask you to go for the second game. I do that most of the time.

Most of the time, the coaching last about 60 to 90 minutes but I never end a lesson if there is something to be said! I will answer any questions, and make sure you do understand the concepts I present.

I also offer VODs review, 1v1 lane against Challenger player (learning process), duo coaching (one coach playing duo with you, second watches it).

*Be sure to be able to screenshare at Discord! Contact me for more info :).

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Weekly Availability (Days and Times ) : Custom, contact me to set schedule.
On-Call Help:
Expertise: Advanced or 5 years
Cancellation Policy: You'll get 90% money back if cancelled the same day of purchase, 60% if cancelled within 5 days until coaching, 20% if cancelled in the day of coaching.