Smash Brothers Ultimate coaching (4,150,000 GSP)

Smash bros Ultimate may be a party game on the surface, but the community of competitive smash only grows stronger with this latest addition to the franchise. The images you see are all my elite characters. If you want to have an edge on your opponents, consider taking some time to play with me! (4,155,450 GSP as of 3/13/19) and learn some of the fundamental core mechanics of the game first hand, as well as...

•neutral game
•Directional influence (DI)
•Smash directional influence (SDI)
•ledge options
•ledge guarding / trapping
•retaining momentum in a match
•much more

Not only will I teach you what these mean if you don't already know, but I will show you how you can use these to your advantage. If you are interested, please have Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch installed and updated, as well as discord so we can discuss. and although I believe I can truly help most people, keep in mind that it is you who needs to put the work in to achieve this goal!

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