Experienced Smash Ultimate Coaching! (Trade for DBFz coaching?)

Heyo! I'm Seth. I have been playing Smash bros since before I was 5 feet tall. I live in Texas, but I am originally Canadian. My main is Cloud, and I love two things very much: teaching, and Smash bros. With over 1000 hours played in Smash ultimate alone, and countless hours played throughout the other Smash titles, I have a very deep understanding of not only Smash's mechanics and basics, but even the psychology behind it. I am president of a small Smash bros Club and I have gotten top 3 at Locals. Though I am not very involved with the competitive scene directly, I pay careful attention to it, and even analyse pro players from some to time. I will be teaching anything from how to walk to how to read opponents after conditioning them. I will teach you how to recover, how to combo, how to properly defend yourself, how to break you opponents strategies, and finally, how to play neutral. Please, help me teach you how to beat your friends and play smash bros in a way that will allow you to grow and reach your full potential!

Last thing: I am also trying to broaden my horizons and try out some other fighting games. I have chosen Dragon Ball Fighterz, and I am willing to trade a few hours of smash coaching for a few hours of DBFz coaching. I would prefer you were at least at rank Demon or higher to really help my improve my game.

All that being said, I hope you choose me, and have a pleasant day! :)

Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Gamer Profile Link: Phone Number: 512 468 4983
Needed Materials: You'll need a Nintendo Switch, a copy of Smash Ultimate, and a wired Internet connection. If you don't know how to set up a wired connection, I can help you with that.
Available Over::
Live Text Chat
Voice Call
Video Call
Weekly Availability (Days and Times ) : Usually available betwen 6 and 10 every day accept Wendsday, Friday, and Sunday. Just contect me with what time's work for you and we will iron the details out.
Expertise: Accomplished or 10 years
Cancellation Policy: If you didn't find my advice helpful after the first session, you don't have to pay. If you don't pay though, you wont get another session from me. Every subsequent session will be payed beforehand.