Tekken 7 Coaching and Training To Improve Your Fundamentals

Struggle to rank, having a hard time keeping up?
Looking for the solution to understand the fundaments that have taken others years to master?
-Do you want to improve and grow faster? Then don't look any further I'll be your Tekken Coach.

My background consists of being a Tekken gamer competitive for over 15+ years and have generally been a fan of Tekken for 20 years!
I have experience with coaching since Tekken 5 days. I teach Beginners and High-level gamers. I'm told my teachings are helping others to improve quickly as I have coached local and people in Asia. I have played in Japan and Korea as well.

You will achieve the level you're looking for, either you want to enter the e-sports arena or just being an overall Tekken gamer in your local community or online.

This is what I will provide for you:

✔10 Steps to Sucess PDF + 60 min online coaching game session.
✔Improve your playstyle and tactics instantly
✔I'll create a positive and helping atmosphere
✔How to keep your mind in the right place while playing
✔Learn new skills
✔I play on PC or PS4 and use Discord for chat.

Now, let's take you to that next level!

Please contact me in advance and we can sort out when to play due to various time zones!

Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Gamer Profile Link: https://www.twitch.tv/rising_uppercut
Needed Materials: Gamer ID, Timezone, Your Current Character, How long you played and you biggest struggles.
Available Over::
Live Text Chat
Voice Call
Video Call
Weekly Availability (Days and Times ) : All week mostly, preferable PM my local time. Don't hesitate to contact me about it for an appointment!
Expertise: Master or 20 years
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation has to be within max 3 hours from ordering. If so, let me why this wasn't for you afterall.