SX EMP rogueyoshi
An excerpt from my eSports cover letter is below:

Al “SX EMP rogueyoshi” Murray, is a professional gamer and featured player under the sponsorship of Sector X eSports, and under the team Empire Arcadia. Professionally, he works as a freelance software engineer, but is an active member and contender in the eSports community.
Growing up, Al had a strong interest in the technical knowledge of video games, and as a teen he began creating independent computer games. Since then he’s produced many publicly available guides and tutorials, and attended numerous tournaments, creating a legacy in the Fighting Game Community (FGC). In the 2018 season alone, he has accumulated over 50 unique local & regional 1st-place DRAGON BALL FighterZ (DBFZ) tournament victories (verified by Guinness World Records). He has an active social media presence (with over 10,000 followers on YouTube, and over 500,000 views-per-month on Twitter) and is constantly working to expand his reach with upcoming high-quality gaming content and competitive events.
He is notorious for using the most difficult (and arguably “worst”) character in DBFZ , Nappa, to great extent. He has extensive notoriety in many other fighting-game series as well such as: Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, The King of Fighters, BlazBlue, Under Night In Birth, Guilty Gear, and Skullgirls. These are tracked using a Guinness-verified Tournament Victory Log (available upon request).

Al was recently a Nominee Finalist in the Summit of Power (organized by Beyond The Summit), the most prestigious invitation-only event for DBFZ to-date. He peaked at #5 in popularity out of the 50 global nominees (not just local or domestic).
As mentioned, he has an active social media presence with some of his videos on YouTube receiving up to 2 million views. He is regularly featured on highlight reels of popular YouTube FGC channels like YogaFlame24, and he has written nearly entire strategy guides for several games of’s Wiki (site maintained by the organizers of Evolution).

In addition to his own content production, he consistently collaborates with other community members, including a tutorial series with Philadelphia's Localhost LAN Center (backed by the eSports entity N3rd St. Gamers, behind the Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch Team), another with The Laboratory (Bros. Calamity), Pennsylvania’s biggest Super Smash Bros. content producers), and additional content with producers such as CoinJam, and Chris Matrix. He also runs a sizable Discord server with active participation from many well-known names in the greater FGC and streams on a regular schedule on both Twitch and YouTube.

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